Selling your home is similar to tackling a big project. There are many steps, there are risks, and it can become overwhelming. Enlisting an experienced REALTOR gives you the benefit of leaning on their expertise. Choose someone who has a solid reputation, with whom you feel comfortable, who will communicate with you as often and in the manner you prefer. When you hire me as your REALTOR, you’ll feel more confident because I will guide you through the process, step by step. I’ll explain your options, so you can make more informed decisions along the way. I can also show you ways to help reduce your risks.

The days of putting a sign in the yard, listing a house in the MLS book with one photo, and placing a few newspaper ads or scheduling open houses to get a home sold ended in the 1900’s. Today, your REALTOR’s strategic marketing plan should list dozens of activities, many of them requiring high-tech skills. Today, buyers are searching on the internet first – often on a mobile device. Today, many contracts are signed digitally, reports & disclosures can be uploaded and downloaded instantly, and lockboxes have the capacity to communicate showings to listing agents via satellite.​ Contact me today, and let me coordinate and manage all the details that add up to a satisfying sale.

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