Homes in Brookdale

The tiny hamlet of Brookdale surrounds the Brookdale Lodge, a "world famous" venue for music, lodging, and restaurant featuring Clear Creek running right through it! In the same complex are an assortment of other retail shops with a post office across the street. A new owner has taken helm over the property, which had run into disrepair before it was sold and poorly managed by the last owner. We locals have high hopes, because the Lodge is just about the extent of downtown Brookdale, home to about 2000 residents.

Home prices are quite similar to Boulder Creek and Ben Lomond, the neighboring towns. Being small, only 12 homes sold during 2014. The average Brookdale real estate price was $380,000, down about 3.5% from 2013. Because the number of Brookdale property sales is so small, the decline is not statistically significant.